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2000-2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse/Eclipse Spyder Service Manual.

руководство 2000-2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Extreme care must be used when servicing the SRS to avoid injury to the service personnel (by inadvertent deployment of the air bags) or the driver (by rendering the SRS inoperative). The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) is designed to supplement the driver's and front passenger's seat belts to help reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and front passenger by activating and deploying both front air bags in certain frontal collisions.

The SRS consist of two air bag modules, SRS air bag control unit (SRS-ECU), SRS warning light, and clock spring. Air bags are located in the center of the steering wheel and above the glove box. Each air bag is made up of a folded air bag and an inflator unit. The control unit under the floor console monitors the system and has a safing G-sensor and an analog G-sensor. The warning light on the instrument panel indicates the operational status of the SRS. The clock spring is installed in the steering column. Only authorized service personnel should do work on or around the SRS components. Those service personnel should read this manual carefully before starting any such work.

На английском языке! Заводской сервис-мануал на Mitsubishi Eclipse купе и кабриолет третьего поколения, до дефорсирования двигателя в соответствии с решением американской комиссии по БДД. Машина унифицирована с Mitsubishi Lancer 8 поколения, снабжалась двигателями 4G64 и 4G72.




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