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Каталог-брошюра Porsche Classics 2011

Каталог-брошюра Porsche Classics 2011
Каталог-брошюра Porsche Classics 2011 представляет все модели автомобилей Porsche, выпущенные за всю историю компании - от каперов, экспериментальных автомобилей до 356s и достижений сегодняшнего времени. К каждой модели присутствует историческая справка и описание технических характеристик. Журнал от Octane - настоящий гид в ярком и мощном мире Porsche.

Название: Porsche Classics 2011
Издательство: Octane Media Ltd.
Качество: высокое
Формат: PDF
Размер: 111,4 МБ
Страниц: 260
Язык: английский
There is a vintage feel to go with the Took'. In essence the cars are close to stock, but look more like a GT - as if the factory might have done the work, had Porsche decided to further develop the model. Motshagen's Outlaw also respects the importance of racing heritage in all things Porsche: that a race car should always have arrogant dazzle. Consequently the colour is a tangerine from the 911 chart called Blut Orange (Blood Orange). Combined with the 1925cc twin-plug motor, lowered suspension, black 15x6in Panasport alloy wheels and spartan interior, Motshagen's 356 is archetypal Outlaw. Or consider Chris Toy's black 1964356. which has all the tricks you expect from an Outlaw 356 but with one enormous exception: Toy has shoehorned in a lurbocharged 3.3-litre six-cylinder motor from a 1979 Porsche 930 - over triple the power, and ten times the fear factor. Ironically, Toy's hot rod has many a traditional 'Outlaw* scratching his head in bewilderment: especially those forlunate. or unfortunate, enough to have taken a ride. Suffice it to say that corners are not a speciality. And then there's the Silver Bullet shown on the previous pages: based on a 1955 356 Continental, this 356 subscribes to the Outlaw philosophy... if a liltle loosely. The body is recognisable up to the B-pillar, despite the roof having been chopped by several inches. From the rear edge of the doors back flows a striking fastback that helps enhance a hatful of fabulous details. Power comes from a mid- mounted 3.0-litre 911 motor mated to a 915 five-speed gearbox. You can't say it's not striking. 


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