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руководства по ремонту автомобилей

Owners Workshop Manual Skoda Fabia

Пошаговое описание обслуживания и ремонта автомобилей Skoda Fabia

Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 373
Язык: английский
Формат: PDF
Размер: 112 Мб
 Пошаговое техническое описание обслуживания и ремонта автомобилей Skoda Fabia c 2000 по 2006 годов выпуска с бензиновыми двигателями объёмом 1.2 и 1.4 литра и дизельными объёмом 1.4 и 1.9 литра.
Отрывок из руководства:
16 Lift the wheel bearing assembly into position, and engage the hub with the splines on the outer end of the driveshaft. Fit the new hub nut, tightening it by hand only at this stage.
17 Engage the wheel bearing housing with the bottom of the suspension strut, making sure that the hole in the side plate aligns with the holes in the split housing. Remove the tool used to open the split.
18 Insert the strut-to-wheel bearing housing clamp bolt from the front, and fit the new retaining nut. Tighten the nut to the specified torque.
19 Refit the lower arm balljoint and retaining plate, and tighten the bolts to the specified torque.
20 Refit the track rod balljoint to the wheel bearing housing, then fit a new retaining nut and tighten it to the specified torque. If necessary, hold the balljoint pin with an Alien key while tightening the nut.
21 Refit the splash plate and tighten the bolts.
22 Refit the brake disc and caliper with reference to Chapter 9.
23 Refit the ABS wheel sensor as described in Chapter 9.
24 Refit the link to the anti-roll bar and tighten the nut to the specified torque.
25 Ensure that the outer joint is drawn fully into the hub, then refit the roadwheel and engine compartment undershield. Lower the vehicle to the ground, and tighten the roadwheel bolts.
26 Tighten the driveshaft retaining nut in the stages given in the Specifications. It is


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