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Автомануал NISSAN DATSUN модель 410 серия

Автомануал NISSAN DATSUN модель 410 серия
Выпуск: 1968
Формат: PDF / DjVu
Цитата из руководства по ремонту NISSAN DATSUN:
Oil Pressure
The normal operating oil pressure is 60 lb. per sq. in.
The warning light which is embodied in the instrument panel light if the oil pressure drops below 8 lb. sq. in. , under these circumstances do not attempt to run the engine or serious damage may result.

When refilling the sump do not pour the oil in too quickly, as it may overflow from the filler orifice and mislead the operator as to the quantity of lubricant in the engine.
Before testing the level of the oil, ensure that the vehicle is as near level as possible. Always wipe the dip-stick clean with a non-fluffy cloth before taking the reading. It should be remembered that time must be allowed for new oil to reach to sump before reading the dipstick.
Check for Low Oil Pressure
Check the level of oil in the engine sump by means of the dip-stick and top up if necessary. If the warning light is still on after refilling the sump, switch off and ascertain that the gauge strainer in the sump is clean and not chocked with sludge, sale that no air leakage exists at the strainer union on the suction side of the oil pump being defective, remove the unit and rectify the fault.
Removing the Filter
A new filter cartrige should be changed every 10,000 km after using first 3, 000 km used.
The forms part of the main oil gallery of the engine. The element of oil filter is sealed in the container as a unit, it can easily removed by hand. Take care not to lose the rubber sealing ring.


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